The Ultimate
Referral Engine

An Unchained Carrot® solution for creating referral programs
to drive traffic to your landing pages and social media channels.

Benefits of our Referral Program

Create a well-planned program that is designed to capture referrals and get your strategy off on the right foot.
Blockchain technology allows you to have a solid referral program in place and you’ll boost your marketing ROI and drive sales conversions.
This is the ultimate tool for both businesses and marketers to have data driven actions.

Unique Code and URL/Link

Our software assigns each member their sharable unique code/URL

Easy Social and Email Sharing

Our sharing pages makes it easy to click and share on social media

Workflow Automation

Automated approvals and automated rewards allow you to configure
your workflow based on your business.
That's how referral marketing software should work!

Reward Fulfillment

We will calculate and assign your rewards
in order to have your distribution lined up

Templated Messages

Templated messages allow you to control your branding and messaging
as well as making it easy for your members to
share the program to their friends right away.

Keep Members in the Loop

Our referral marketing software keeps members notified
of all activity on their dashboards
and new rewards as they are earned.

Referral Tracking

Analyze activity and se who are your best advocates,
you can track both members and referrals

Fraud Detection

Set up fraud detection rules: Members can be disabled in the referral software
so they are blocked and can no longer be part of your program

How It Works

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Plans & Pricing

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